​​​​Consign with us!



Hopskotch Kids is a consignment store for everything parents, babies, and kids!  

We also carry many brand-new items including Zutano, Melissa & Doug toys, hair clips, and teething accessories, just to name a few.

               We accept items 6 days a week!

*Call us to make an appointment or feel free to drop off your consignment 6 days a week!  

*We will accept up to 25 items per visit.  Along with maternity and baby/kids clothing, we also will accept your toys, books, baby car seats, strollers, swings, bouncy chairs, high chairs, baby carriers, exersaucers, furniture--ANYTHING baby and kids related!*

*Hopskotch Kids consigns your items for 60 days.  Once they sell, you'll receive: *50% in-store credit which can be used IMMEDIATELY once your items sell.

*Hopskotch Kids and our shoppers appreciate exceptionally clean, floor-ready items.  We will not accept clothing that is too worn, stained, dirty, torn, pilled, extremely wrinkled, or covered in animal hair.  Items that are neatly folded and organized in a box or bin are more likely to be accepted and are more likely to sell.  We will not accept clothing that is crammed, wadded up, or brought to us in garbage bags.  If clothing drop offs come into the store in this manner, you will have the option to bring back the clothing at another time (clean and folded in a box, bin, or reusable bag) or you may gift the items to Hopskotch Kids' charity account with no consignment pay out. Bigger items must be extremely clean, free of broken or missing pieces, and equipped with working batteries, if needed.

*If you are unsure about an item you'd like to consign, give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions.

*Hopskotch Kids does NOT consign used breast pumps.  We also cannot consign any recalled items or car seats that have expired.